what if. if-then or then-if.

perception is reality

that sentence rings through our ears as true.

it is true but it doesn’t always embody true truth.

when we perceive someone as being a bad person, they will be.
no matter how nice or good they are–we’ll interpret their actions through our¬†presuppositions about them.

what if.

what if we do that with God.
we only understand or perceive Him logically or rationally relating to us and others in certain ways.
and it happens. we see Him ‘work’ in that way. ¬†that is how we usually see ‘God’ interact in our lives and the world.

looking at it from another angle: why is it if-then?
if God shows himself like this, then we will do, believe, love, give, ______.

what if.
we step out in faith and start to live out the “then” with an unselfish heart or motive toward others no matter what their response is.

what if.
i told you that God’s “if” has already happened and will continue to happen whether or not we want to be the “then” He uses.

there is Freedom in living in the then.
our perceptions of how God is working and what He has for our lives begin to change.
our reality changes.

the if didn’t change.
just the then.

let’s do it then. we need one another.