two halves of the whole

But the Logos or structure of the universe and of everything in it expresses the unity and identity of opposites.
-Heraclitus 6th Century B.C.E

being enamored by the temporary opposites of the greater whole.
it gets me. always

if a road is uphill for one that is walking up–it is at the same time down hill for one walking in the opposite direction.

it’s where we’re at in life. our perspective. our placement of things in relation to the whole of life.
this is life. this is good.

the tickling of an ancient tongue wakes me from my sleep
the sea green, sea blue of a world unknown to me

no need to look further than the back of my retinas.  the unveiling of a secret never veiled. all you need to do is take one step forward and two steps backward.
that should do the trick.
been. becoming. being.

from there, begs the opening of the eyes. the pertinence of the ears. the tingle of the fingers. the arousal inside the nostrils.

the burning of the cosmic fire lulls me back to sleep.