dry and drowning

How the eye perceives light
is something I’ll never fully grasp.
Grasping and gasping—these are two strangely
familiar strangers that stop by every now and then.
The then turns into now, and the now, always then.
Grasping at the outlines of perfection
made by the sea green,
sea blue of condensation, rather. Rapidly evaporating
in an ascent unto the high heavens, in search of the highest
Waiting, waiting, waiting causing—weightiness.
Unaware of the others floating alongside in their life
rafts, each linking there’s to his. Slowly wrapping
themselves around him
they begin sinking toward the earth. He had felt
invisible before he had realized all of them around
Now he was starting to see himself
again, among the others
that each had an eerie resemblance of him.
Gasping for air, the uncanny crew
wrapped themselves even tighter
around him. The gasps were of no profit.
Not like the kind of gasps one enjoys when
being under water for far too long,
and finally reaches the surface.
Those gasps are made up of freedom and life. His final
gasps are better explained
as exhaling all the hope inside of
The squeeze became so tight that it was no longer bearable. This was it,
he would take his last… Breath—e.
Breathe! Breathe!

Gasps of Freedom and life started to fill his lungs.
Looking around he saw no one else attached to him,
rather individual drops falling beside him.
He was his own once more.
He was free
to laugh, dance, cry, sing, and
anything else he wanted to do.
With a splash he entered into the great body of water.
He sank deeper and deeper into the abyss.
Grasping for the shadows and allusions from the
light above.