I am a VERY blessed man.  I don’t deserve any of this… Our God, I tell you, He’s something alright.
Gosh, He won’t stop calling me deeper, and deeper, into the ocean of his grace.
I can’t hardly explain it. I’m drowning but for some reason I’m not dying.
It’s almost like he’s changing me.. and giving me gills to breathe in a whole new way.
Now I can live in the ocean, and in the toss and turn of the waves, and be at peace.
And I can be washed up on the shore, and breathe just as deeply, that Life–yea, you know–that Life.
that is that “life abundantly” or “Life to the fullest”.
Our God is Good.
Taste and see.
Drink Deeply.

everybody knows

Four dollars and I am able to be Greek for 3 hours or so.

I get to play backgammon and cards—have myself a homemade pastry and eat it, too.  It’s so great to spend those few hours with them.  When I think of the circumstances I’m blown away: I’m a 23 year old, white American male, with 60+ year old Greek Immigrants in the foreign country of Australia.  Happenstance, mayhap if you will—always puts me in a numinous profundity of sorts.

After all the heart-wrenching stories as of late (the Colorado shooting), still, moments of happenstance like my Tuesday mornings enable me to say “…and some people say this life isn’t good?!”  Of course the cold-blood massacres such as that in Colorado, and the homelessness, and broken families and lives make me cry out to God sometimes and say “SHOW UP! DO SOMETHING, PLEASE! THIS IS YOUR WORLD, RIGHT??”

Before you burn me at the stake—I definitely don’t mean to come off as arrogant in the way I approach God but the Lord knows my heart and sometimes my heart shatters into a million pieces when someone shares their story and parts of their broken lives and experiences with me.  But the thing is this—my God won’t relent. He won’t. He has promised me. He has promised you.  He is in mad pursuit of each of us and in the business of redemption.  Redemption is in the “may-haps” of life. It’s in the things that don’t make sense BUT happen: like someone embracing you, unexpectedly. Like having depression when your 15 and not wanting to live anymore BUT now when you’re 23 you have seen so much redemption and good come from that experience. He redeems. Believe me.

“He makes all things new.”


What is it Trav?

I’ve been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear. We want to build a life that we understand or at least can predict somewhat.  We need a house and kids and a job.  Some sort of security.


He makes all things new!!!  That “He” I’m talking about left us with a promise: “I have said all these things to you so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble: but take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Once we begin to see this in every aspect of our lives—we see Him making all things new!  WE FIND LIFE EVERYWHERE. In everything.


If time is precious, you can have every second of mine.
If money is important, every cent I own is in your name.
If personal space is an unalienable right, know that what’s mine, is yours.
And If ‘Paper, they say, does not blush… I assure you it’s not true and it’s blushing just as I am now, all over.’