people and ideas, man. that’s where it’s at. i love people and ideas. i’m generally an accepting-loving kind of guy; except on the condition of my stick-it-to-the-man side showing up. usually to suppress that condition a good dose of bob dylan does the trick. what brings about that condition you ask:

we are suffocated by analytic abstractions of innumerable activities.
statistics. indexes. ratings.
the figures are definite. their worth often indefinite.
correlation does not imply causal relation.
especially of the human heart.
we are conditional.

i am a conditional lover. i have encountered an Unconditional Lover who is the Christ.
He is showing me how to NOT put conditions on my love.

the antitheses. contrasts of life, some say make it ugly. i say nay. when they occur; are embraced instead of feared; confronted instead of ran away from: that is where we find life. life in the all-so-real unconditional love of Christ.  The unsynthesizable antitheses are synthesized. the chasm is bridged. here and now. we must. we can. LIVE.

let’s do this thang we call life. people and ideas, man. let’s werk it on out.

peace and love to you my dear friends.


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